The Emergence of the eBook Store

I went Christmas shopping this week, trying to get in before the rush. With my list of people to buy for, a book shop is always a good start for a gift. I hadn’t looked online at an eBook store,  I headed straight for the main book store in the mall only to find it had closed its doors. Not completely, it had relocated to a store across the way, with about one third the floor space.

I headed straight for the cook book section, I might as well buy that cooking book I have been wanting for a long time. It was a paleo meals cookbook, shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? Well no, it was hard to find. The entire cookbook section was now 3 shelves and only features 2, maybe 3 low carb, paleo meal planner cookbooks. Maybe they had another section somewhere?eBook Store

After a short stay I thought id try the department stores, so first I went to the most expensive department store to look for some compelling stories to put on my gift list. This store had almost cut out the book department all together, it had 2 shelves of books, just 2!

I go off to the next one, and although it had some more books, it was only new releases, best seller types. The latest autobiography but thats about it.

Then the final department store on the mall, and again, a very short list of latest release books on the shelves. It became very obvious to me that the good old paperback is going out of fashion.

What is an eBook Store?

Most of your beloved stories can now be found in ebook format. This is a digital format, available to download on computers and hand held devices. in 2012, the trend began with more eBooks being distributed than hard covers and its predicted that by 2018 ebooks will be 90% of the market.

Why are there so little books being sold in stores?

Because we now have ebook stores. Any book we want we can just download from the net, no need to buy a hard cover anymore.

To be honest it made me a little sad to witness. Those days as a child, opening a book full of adventure, smelling the pages, are these days gone by with the emergence of the ebook store?

Dont get me wrong, an ebook is a wonderful thing, but they sure are a little hard to wrap at christmas!